What They’ve Said:

“Hell yeah, this girl can write. She takes the small moments and infuses them with meaning and power. But she doesn’t take herself too seriously — She’s a rare blend. (Email her and see for yourself.)”

– Sarah Tuttle-Singer, Social Media Director at Times of Israel.


Me and Sarah Tuttle-Singer at a Times of Israel Blog’n’Chat



“Mrs. Zadok has been my mentor and advisor for several years. She is, as the kids say, good at life. Mrs. Zadok has an uncanny way of taking messages of Torah and Chassidus and applying them to life’s many issues. She truly lives Torah, and leads by example. She is someone who I aspire to be like — she is energetic, balanced, and wise and her wisdom and genuineness show in all that she does. I could not ask for a more trustworthy and on-point mentor.”

– Chaya Kurtz


“We have had the absolute pleasure of having Sarah part of our teaching staff for nearly 3 years here at Mayanot. She has an amazing way of connecting with students, with depth, warmth, humor and honesty all at the same time.  (not an easy task at all!) Her classes and farbrengens were a highlight for the students. As a coworker, I found her insights always invaluable and spot on. She has an openness and a fresh perspective that is wrapped in love for each person she comes in contact with.”

-Rivka Marga Gestetner, Assistant Director, Mayanot Women’s Program.


“Sarah Zadok is passionate, dedicated, relate-able and real in her writing and her speaking. Her words come from the heart so they enter the heart and she immediately and intensely connects and inspires all who learn from her and with her. She is open and honest and her ability to self-reflect and gain from those she interacts with creates a relationship and not just a one-sided relaying of information. I have worked with her professionally in a number of capacities and am honored to call her one of my closest friends. Get ready to be inspired and become a better person from connecting with Sarah.”


-Sara Esther Crispe, Co-Director of www.Interinclusion.org



“Sarah taught at Mayanot for 3 years. She brings a joy and energy into all her teaching that is truly infectious. She connects to students on a real level, yet she creates a space for them to truly let their neshama shine.  Sarah is an asset to ANY program that she is involved in.”

-Rabbi Meir Levinger, Educational Director, Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies




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