Classes and Workshops Include:

Redemption SongTambourine Design Workshop-  A handson, super fun and artistic workshop geared towards bat mitzvah girls and women. Every participant comes away with her own uniquely designed, hand crafted tambourine and some inspiration to draw from about the canvas of the Jewish soul. Great for Rosh Chodesh events, women’s gatherings and bat mitzvahs.


The Soul of The Jewish MonthA workshop that explores the spiritual features and call to action of each Jewish month – (art or creative expression component is a recommended option) 1-3 hours.

The 10 Commandments of Marriage – A three part workshop geared towards women who want to zoom in on the essential components of a fulfilling marriage. Each section runs for one and a half hours.

The Kabbalah of Wireless Communication A really fun, audience participation required, class based on what the kabbalah has to teach us about the art and science of successful communication.

Real Women Wear Tiaras– A practical and inspirational class that provides the tools you need to tap into your inner Queen Esther.



The Keys to Leading a Life of Balance: A user-friendly, how-to class about the essential elements involved in achieving and maintaining a “balanced life.Gain practical tools about time management, develop healthy habits and creating harmony between the various moving parts of ourselves. This is either a one-time, inspirational class or a five part workshop. (Each section runs for no longer than one and half hours).

Breaking BreadA hands on experience of the soul behind the mitzvah of making challah. This is also a great workshop for bat mitzvah parties – and runs for 2 hours start to doughy finish.





Sense and SexualityAn inspirational class that takes a candid and fresh look into what traditional Jewish thought has to say about human sexuality. You may be surprised…

The Chassidus of Madison Ave A look at what marketing and social media can teach us about our spiritual lives.


Survival Guide for Jewish Educators – A Top 10 hit parade of the do’s and do not’s of educating young, Jews today. A fun and informative class-and a must for educators who care enough to get it right.


Other topics include:

Jewish identity, Jewish Unity, Mikvah, Marriage and Relationships, Childbirth and Pregnancy, Parenting, Communication, Holidays, Jewish Ritual.

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